R Txt Messages Right 4 U and Your Site?

When using mobile technology for outreach to potential and active study subjects, “The important thing to remember about text messaging is that, even though it’s a one-to-many [method for study staff], it’s really one-to-one communication” as far as the participant is concerned, says Noel Chandler, CEO of Mosio.
In a presentation today on “Mobile Technologies in Patient Engagement and Retention” at the ACRP 2016 Meeting & Expo in Atlanta, Ga., Chandler noted that 25% of Americans now access the Internet by phone exclusively, and that 90% of text messages are opened and read within three minutes, whereas only 22% of e-mail messages are ever read.
Clinical trial recruiters are turning to text messaging in particular for its utility in sharing alerts about new study opportunities to recruit and possibly pre-screen volunteer patients, send appointment/visit reminders, deliver motivational messages and incentives, provide patient newsletters, urge medication adherence/compliance, and more.

Among other details about how text messaging can be applied to clinical research, Chandler offered the following best practices and considerations:

• Stay professional (U don’t need 2 use txt speak rather than normal language, be clear with calls to action)

• Work with your vendor before you submit text messaging plans to your institutional review board

• Define the workflow processes and user experiences associated with your use of text messaging, for instance to see how it fits into your existing recruitment and retention strategies

• Decide what works best for your site’s particular communication challenges, and whether text messages are truly the right fix

• Start with just one, most-desired text messaging feature, pilot its use to learn the process and costs, and make sure your vendor has a suite of features so that you can add to your outreach capabilities as you grow

2 thoughts on “R Txt Messages Right 4 U and Your Site?

  1. Hi Haydee! Apologies for the lag on following up. This has been coming up a lot lately and it’s definitely a great way to communicate between Sites and Sponsors (or even internally between site staff).

    If you have any additional questions or some specific ideas in how you’d like to see the Sponsor Site communications take place, please let us know and we can run through some options with you. My contact information is below. Thanks!

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