Survey: Could We Do Better with Site Initiation/Startup?

Inefficient site initiation/startup affects trial launch and impedes enrolling participants. A recent publication by KMR Group revealed that clinical trial cycle times are getting longer however; one of the areas with the greatest opportunity to reduce the trial cycle time is in site initiation/startup.

Few specific metrics for site startup activities exist, other than generalizations, about where the time and resources are being wasted in this process. Subjective data merely states that it takes too long, or requires too many people, or no one knows if a site will ever be opened, nor the criteria for dropping a non responsive site.

The goal of this anonymous survey from PatientQuest is to request your best quantitative estimates as to the time or manpower it now requires to get one or all your sites opened.

Survey results will be published in peer reviewed articles, Lunch ‘n Learn webinars and industry conference presentations.

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