Help Shape the Future of Clinical Research Conduct

ACRP received a press release from ACRES, the Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety, last Wednesday outlining their progress on the Site Accreditation and Standards Initiative, or SASI. ACRES is entering the third phase of their initiative which is the formation of expert teams to develop standards that will be used as the foundation for site accreditation. Standards will be developed “in at least seven domains: personnel, facilities, management, information systems, quality management, recruitment and enrollment, and research integrity.” They envision these teams completing their work in early 2015 with pilot testing of the standards to occur in mid-2015.

I thought this was important to share with you, our members, and to encourage you to consider volunteering for one of the project teams. Doing so will provide you with the opportunity to have direct impact on how sites will be accredited in the future. I know we have a wealth of expertise in our membership and I would love to see you help shape the future of clinical research conduct.

Please consider contributing to this initiative and stay tuned for more details on when/where to submit your interest.

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