The Voice

Sorry, not the TV show with Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton.  I want to let you know about a different voice; our voice.

ACRP has been working hard to raise our visibility and presence.  We’ve increased efforts to keep our members informed of the activities we’re involved in on their behalf.  ACRP wants to represent our members where it matters and we want to ensure their voice is heard when decisions are being made, when discussions are taking place and when questions are being asked.

During our celebrations of International Clinical Trials’ Day I had the opportunity to speak with Lenny Bernstein at the Washington Post about recruitment challenges in clinical trials. You can read the article here.   I was excited to be able to talk with him about some of the issues you face.  Increasing complexity, increased inclusion/exclusion criteria, recruitment and retention problems, and public trust issues are just a few examples of the challenges you face every day.  If we together can get the word out – if we can increase awareness – we can influence change.

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3 thoughts on “The Voice

  1. Hi Julie, thank you for your comment, you’re so right! I did point out that we compensate participants for expenses, etc. but the author was talking about payments similar to those offered to phase I participants. We discussed that concept for a few moments but unfortunately only a small part of that discussion was included in the article.

  2. I’m all about educating the general population, raising awareness and bringing them into “the fold”. I’m not sure though why it was pointed out twice in the article that subjects are not paid. I understand the issue with coercion but when I am presenting an educational seminar I always include the fact that a small stipend may be available.

  3. Excellent! Thanks Terri. I read and loved the Washington Post article. Only by making our voices heard will we be able to improve the conduct of research. And this is true not only as an organization but also as individuals. If you’re a CRC and you want to make your world better, make your voice heard. If you’re a PI and you want to make your work better, make your voice heard. Other than being an ACRP and APCR Board member, I run a research business. If I want to make my research business better, I must make my voice heard.

    And as a group of researchers 15,000 strong, we can have a very LOUD voice!

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